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OPTIMA (UCO) bracket-mounted LED luminaires to be installed onto lighting poles of the diameter not over 50 mm. They can also be bracket-mounted onto walls and subject to tilt angle adjustment. Housings are made of aluminium; tsructure elements are made of stainless steel; luminaires are weather-resistant. Thought-out heat dissipation guarantees continuous operation according to claimed specifications and without failures during the lifetime of a luminaire. Wide range of optics makes OPTIMA luminaires applicable for illuminating objects of various types such as parks, public gardens and fronts of buildings. High ingress protection rating – IP67.



  • High efficacy, over 110 lm/ W;
  • NICHIA LEDs (Japan);
  • Wide range of optics by LEDIL;
  • Effective solution for frontal illumination of buildings and constructions;
  • Adopted optics for warehouse premises;
  • Instant start in low temperatures;
  • Easy mounting;
  • Luminaries mounted onto walls with adjustable tilting brackets;
  • No specific requirements for maintenance;
  • No specific requirements for disposal;
  • IP67;
  • Lifetime over 50,000 hours.


  • Fronts of buildings;
  • Monuments;
  • Promotion constructions;
  • Public gardens and parks;
  • Sport venues;
  • Industrial facilities.






Modification with the wide light distribution curve18 W25 W36 W
Product code LE-UCO-28-020-0743-67C LE-UCO-28-025-0780-67C LE-UCO-28-036-0862-67C
LE-UCO-28-020-0776-67W LE-UCO-28-025-0784-67W LE-UCO-28-036-0866-67W
Luminous flux, (lm)

Color temperature, (C) 2350 lm 2800 lm 4130 lm 
Color temperature, (W) 2030 lm 2400 lm 3900 lm 
Modification with spot distribution curve (10-15°)   
Product code LE-UCO-28-020-0774-67C LE-UCO-28-025-0782-67C LE-UCO-28-036-0864-67C
LE-UCO-28-020-0778-67W LE-UCO-28-025-0786-67W LE-UCO-28-036-0868-67W
Luminous flux, (lm)

Color temperature, (C) 2450 lm 3000 lm 4180 lm 
Color temperature, (W) 2080 lm 2540 lm 4000 lm 
Modification with spot distribution curve 1 (25-30°)   
Product code LE-UCO-28-020-0773-67C LE-UCO-28-025-0781-67C LE-UCO-28-036-0863-67C
LE-UCO-28-020-0777-67W LE-UCO-28-025-0785-67W LE-UCO-28-036-0867-67W
Luminous flux, (lm)

Color temperature, (C)  2450 lm 3000 lm 4180 lm
Color temperature, (W)  2080 lm 2540 lm 4000 lm
Modification with deep distribution curve (51-57°)   
Product code LE-UCO-28-020-0775-67C LE-UCO-28-025-0783-67C LE-UCO-28-036-0865-67C
LE-UCO-28-020-0779-67W LE-UCO-28-025-0787-67W LE-UCO-28-036-0869-67W
Luminous flux, (lm)

Color temperature, (C)  2450 lm 3000 lm  4180 lm
Color temperature, (W)  2080 lm 2540 lm  4000 lm
General information
Number of LEDs with optics, pcs 24 pcs 24 pcs 32 pcs
Power, W 18 W 25 W 36 W
Dimensions of luminaire (UCO), (LxWxH) mm 515x96x95 mm 652x96x96 mm
Dimensions of package, (LxWxH) mm 525x100x100 mm  
Weight, kg 1,9 kg 2,7 kg
Light distribution curve  P (direct light)
Voltage, V/ Frequency, Hz  175-264V/50Hz
CRI  80
Percent flicker, %  1%
Power factor  0,98
Electric safety classification  I
IP rating  67
Climatic modification  NF 1
Temperature range, °C  -60 ÷ +50˚C
Lifetime, hours  50 000 hours
Warranty period, years  3 years

Standard modification: housing color – grey, CCT – C.

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