LED torchere lightings with a comfortable reflected light.

The innovative technology of heat dissipation called FINFREE was used while developing this series: radiators made of specially selected composition of heat-conducting materials are installed in these luminaires. This technology performs the most efficient removal of heat away from LEDs and electronic parts of lamps. It has no analogs.

The AVENUE series luminaires are designed for floor mounting on standard street lighting supports up to a diameter of 61 mm.

These fixtures are designed to create a comfortable light environment due to the use of a reflected light scheme. In this case the effect of blinding is eliminated.

The luminaires are produced in two versions: lamps with a decorative hemispherical cap and without one.

The housing of luminaires is powder-painted. Structural elements are resistant to environmental influences as they are made of stainless steel and plastic.
The degree of protection from environmental influences is IP67.



  • Reflected light is comfortable and soft;
  • Slim body - thickness of only 7mm;
  • Innovative heat removal technology;
  • Light weight of the luminaire;
  • Instant start at low temperatures;
  • Simple installation on standard street lighting supports with diameter of up to 61 mm;
  • Does not require special maintenance;
  • Does not require special disposal;
  • Protection class - IP 67;
  • Service life - more than 50 000 hours.


  • City streets;
  • Near-home territories;
  • Pedestrian sidewalks;
  • Parks and squares;
  • Parkings;
  • Bicycle paths;
  • Public places;
  • Embankments;
  • Squares;
  • Walking territories.


Basic modification 27 W 54 W
Linear lightings  LE-UTO-36-027-1366-67W LE-UTO-36-054-1401-67W
LE-UTO-36-027-1398-67N LE-UTO-36-054-1402-67N
Luminous flux, (lm)
Color temperature, (W) 1600 lm 3240 lm
Color temperature, (N) 2140 lm 3630 lm
Modification with semi-spherical cap
Linear lightings  LE-UTO-36-027-1399-67W LE-UTO-36-054-1403-67W
LE-UTO-36-027-1400-67N LE-UTO-36-054-1404-67N
Luminous flux, (lm)   
Color temperature, (W)  1600 lm 3240 lm
Color temperature, (N)  2140 lm 3630 lm
General information   
Power, W 27 W 54 W
Dimensions of a luminaire, (LxW) mm 610х740 mm
Dimensions of a package, (LxWxH) mm 620х620х750 mm
Weight, kg 9,13 kg
Light distribution curve P (direct light)
Voltage, V/ Frequency, Hz 175-264V/50Hz
CRI >70
Percent flicker, % 1%
Power factor 0,98
Electric safety classification I
IP rating 67
Climatic modification NF 1
Temperature range, °C -45 - +50˚C
Lifetime, hours 50 000 hours
Warranty period, years 3 years

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