«Leroy Merlin» hypermarket lighting

The company «LED Effect» in conjunction with the dealers took part in the modernization of the existing fluorescent lighting in a building hypermarket «LeruaMerlen»; hypermarket was lit «turnkey».

The company «LED Effect» offers to consider the implemented project as a standard solution, which will help you in the selection of lighting and lighting design in the trade field.

Initial data:

  • Hypermarket building materials «LeroyMerlin»;
  • Fluorescent lighting, lamps and 2x58W 2x36W;
  • Trading halls have different ceiling heights.

Project requirements:

  • Enhance lighting in sales areas and premises;
  • To reduce energy consumption;
  • Reduce the costs associated with the service;
  • Install new lighting devices on the former places.

Facilities construction hypermarket:

  • Trading Room with a suspension height of fixtures 6 -7 meters;
  • Trading Room with a suspension height of fixtures 5 meters;
  • Vertical product calculations;
  • Utility room;
  • STOCK;
  • RAMP.

Each of these rooms, as a rule, present its «pitfalls», on the realized example we analyze the possible subtlety. Further, the project will be presented pictures, which will be written fact sheet obtained after the illumination of the entire project.

As a result of the project to refurbish the hypermarket managed to meet all customer requirements, specific installed capacity was reduced from 8,5W / m. to 3,94W / m, in fact there was more than a two-time save energy.
But the most important thing is that in the hypermarket «LeroyMerlin» managed to create a comfortable light environment. Installed LED lamps have a high color rendering index CRI> 80, that allows you to take bright color various goods without distortion, and light environment will remain stable over time, because all applied lighting solutions are collected on the basis of high-quality component.

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