The office Lighting of KARCHER company

LED-Effect company took part in illumination installation for the office of KARCHER company, Russia, Moscow.

The corporate office is arranged as OpenSpace, simple and sharp lines create the premises design, geometric acoustic basic elements are applied for the ceiling.

ARROW series linear LED luminaires fit perfectly in this interior project.

We would like to remind that ARROW series luminaires can be combined into long solid lines, there is also a possibility to manufacture luminaires of decreased values of energy consumption and luminous flux. To provide for illumination in KARCHER company's office premises the above-mentioned features of ARROW luminaires have become very advantageous – the luminaires were aligned in lines and they allowed to decrease the initial energy consumption by three times almost.

The luminaires version with adjusted power supply unit is the alternative of version ensuring decreased power, they allow to dim the luminous flux though this modification is more expensive and requires daily adjustment (dimming).

As a result luminaires of power 80 W have been adjusted for 30 W.

This contributed in creation of comfortable illumination in KARCHER company's office, average illumination at work places is 550 lx, at the same time the luminaires produce soft equally distributed light without blinding effect.

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