Illumination of FORUM NEVA office

LED-Effect company took part in illumination installation for the new office of FORUM NEVA company, Russia, Saint-Petersburg.

FORUM NEVA company is one of market sales leaders for electrical goods, therefore it was required to find lighting equipment of high quality. They ended up to choose LED products by LED-Effect, specifically the following luminaires series:

Indoor lighting:

Light installations have been created using angle joints consisted of ARROW series luminaires which made the interior look distinctive.

GRILYATO series luminaires were placed chequerwise in the hall and ceiling cells points were linked with ARROW luminaires installed with a small angle. However the luminaires belong to different groups which allow to create various illumination scenarios for the area connecting office premises.

As a result of installation of LED luminaires by LED-Effect company the comfortable illumination was implemented that contributes in efficient work. Average illumination at work places is 700 lx.

Adjacent territories:

KEDR UCO series LED luminaires have been mounted onto standard street lighting poles as well as onto walls using standard outer brackets subject to tilt angle adjustment. Average illumination at adjacent territories such as roads/ parking lots is 30 lx.

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