«Chocolate» boutique lighting

The company «LEDeffect» took part in the lighting of the boutique «Chocolate», Russia, Crimea, Sevastopol.
To create a bright and spectacular interior design applied a series of LED luminaires «GRILYATO DOMINO».

Luminaires «GRILYATO DOMINO» developed and produced by «LED effect». 
LED luminaires are designed for installation in «GRILYATO» ceilings with a size of 100x100 cells, but through the use of adapters those luminaires can be used in ceilings with different sizes of cells.

Whats important in the boutique lighting?

Basic criteria:

  • Create engaging, memorable and bright interior design;
  • Creating a comfortable, uniform light environment;
  • Save energy and reduce maintenance costs.

With all these tasks successfully cope luminaires «GRILYATO DOMINO» series!

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