REC: «LED-Effect» company is a faithful exporter

20 December 2017

 Russian Export Center (REC) has awarded the Faithful Exporter Certificate to LED-Effect company.

ledeffect news ru exporter 1

You can check out Russian Export Center web site for the register of faithful exporting companies.

The certification is conducted within «Made in Russia» brand which is meant to assure better recognition of Russian brands of advanced technology products.

This certificate confirms that LED-Effect company's products correspond with main values assigned to Russian companies and goods under the single umbrella brand «Made in Russia»:

  • Quality and reliability;
  • Modern image of Russian non-resource export;
  • Products affordability and goodwill;
  • Products safety;
  • Ecological properties of products.

This certificate also gives the following advantages to the company:

  • Statement of product origin by country;
  • Protection of corporate rights against fake and pirated products on foreign markets.

ledeffect ru exporter sert 1 ledeffect ru exporter sert 2


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