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DOWNLIGHT IP 54 series LED luminaires are designed to be recessed into ceilings of gypsum and into suspended ceilings.

The luminaires have sealed housings, ingress protection rating IP 54.

Opal diffuser allows for equal distribution of luminous flux and eliminates blinding effect.

The luminaires are provided with reliable spring fittings which assure the luminaires mounting into the ceiling within few seconds.

DOWNLIGHT series LED luminaires is an efficient substitute for fluorescent luminaires 1 X 26 W.



  • Equal light distribution without blinding effect;
  • High CRI > 80;
  • Minimum percent flicker, less than 1 %;
  • IP 54;
  • Opal diffuser;
  • Easy mounting with spring fittings;
  • No specific requirements for maintenance;
  • No specific requirements for disposal;
  • Operating voltage drops resistant within 175 – 260 V;
  • Fast start;
  • Insensitive for frequent restarts.


  • Laboratories, clean premises;
  • Administrative and office buildings;
  • Public institutions;
  • Trade floors;
  • Airports;
  • Stations;
  • Halls and corridors.


Modification with an opal diffuser 22 W
Product code LE-UPR-16-022-1276-54С
Luminous flux, (lm) Color temperature, (C) 2000 lm
Color temperature, (N) 1900 lm
General information    
Number of LEDs, pcs 38 pcs
Power, W 22 W
Dimensions of a luminaire, (LxWxH) mm 211х211х79 mm
Mounting dimensions, (d1) mm 160 mm
Dimensions of a package, (LxWxH) mm 250х250х95 mm
Weight, kg  0,8 kg
Voltage, V/ Frequency, Hz 175-260 V/50 Hz
Light distribution classification P (direct light)
Light distribution curve  Cosine 
CRI  >80 
Percent flicker,%  1% 
Power factor  0,98
Electric safety classification  I
IP rating  54
Climatic modification  NF 4 
Temperature range, °C  0°  +45˚C
Lifetime, hours  50 000 hours
Warranty period, years  3 years

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