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TITAN SPORT LED luminaire is designed for bulkhead or suspended mounting. It is equipped with a protective grid and created for installation in sports halls.
The diffuser of the luminaire is designed to exclude the effect of dazzling and create a comfortable light environment. The diffuser is made of a strong polycarbonate, resistant to UV radiation.
These luminaires are the optimal and effective replacement of fluorescent luminaires such as LSP / LPO 2x36W.



  • Nichia LEDs (Japan);
  • High CRI >80;
  • Minimum percent flicker, less than 1%;
  • Instant start;
  • Silent operation;
  • Bulkhead and suspended mounting;
  • Does not require special maintenance;
  • Does not require special disposal;
  • Class of protection - IP40 and IP65;
  • Optional: Backup Power Supply Unit;
  • Lifetime over 50,000 hours;
  • WAGO connectors for a faster and more reliable connection to the mains.


  • School gyms;
  • Training halls and sportgrounds;
  • Locksmith's workshops.






Modification with protection IP4033 W60 W
Product code LE-USI-15-033-1463-65C LE-USI-15-060-1466-65C
LE-USI-15-033-1464-65N LE-USI-15-060-1467-65N
Modification with protection IP65 
Product code LE-USI-15-033-1525-40C LE-USI-15-060-1527-40C
LE-USI-15-033-1526-40N LE-USI-15-060-1528-40N
Luminous flux, (lm) 
Color temperature, (C)  3600 lm  5800 lm
Color temperature, (N)   3500 lm   5700 lm
General information
Number of LEDs, pcs 64 pcs  60 pcs 
Power, W 33 W  60 W 
Dimensions of a luminaire, (LxWxH) mm 1000x160x65 mm
Dimensions of a package, (LxWxH) mm 1025x180x90 mm
Weight, kg 1,5 kg
Voltage, V/ Frequency, Hz 175-260 V/50 Hz 
Light distribution classification  P (direct light)
Light distribution curve  Cosine
CRI  >80
Percent flicker,%  1%
Power factor  0,9
Electric safety classification  I
IP rating  65
Climatic modification  NF 4 (moderate and cold climate; indoor, with heating and AC systems)
Temperature range, °C -10 ÷ +45˚C
Lifetime, hours  50 000 hours
Warranty period, years  5 years

Standard modification: housing Color – white, diffuser – textured, CCT – N.

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