RANCH series LED luminaires are designed for lighting livestock and poultry complexes. Luminaire's cases are made of lighting polycarbonate or plexiglass.

These luminaires are resistant to aggressive environment - the class of protection is IP65. Luminaires are produced in two versions: linear and single lightings. This allows to optimally illuminate long halls or local spots. The luminaires are protected against high surges of operating voltage and overheating.

RANCH series luminaires have a positive effect on reproductive functions of animals, forming an optimal light environment in the feeding zones.

The luminaires have a high light efficiency - more than 130 lm/W.

Installation - bulkhead or suspended mounting.

The diffuser material is optical polycarbonate or plexiglass.



  • Nichia LEDs (Japan);
  • High efficacy - over 130 lm/W
  • Bulkhead or suspended mounting;
  • Single and linear luminaires;
  • Material diffuser is made of lighting polycarbonate or plexiglass;
  • Protection against voltage surges and overheating;
  • Diffuser: opal, transparent;
  • Resistant to aggressive environment influences;
  • Resistant to high-pressure cleaning;
  • Simple mounting;
  • High class of protection - IP65;
  • Does not require special maintenance;
  • Do not require special disposal.


  • Livestock farms;
  • Poultry complexes;
  • Industrial facilities;
  • Housing and utilities objects.







Modification with a transparent diffuser 30 W 38 W
Single luminaire LE-USI-34-030-1225-65N LE-USI-34-038-1244-65N
Linear luminaire LE-USI-34-030-1293-65N LE-USI-34-038-1294-65N
Luminous flux, (lm) 
Color temperature, (N)   3800 lm   5000 lm
Modification with opal diffuser
Single luminaire LE-USI-34-030-1283-65N LE-USI-34-038-1284-65N
Linear luminaire LE-USI-34-030-1295-65N LE-USI-34-038-1296-65N
Luminous flux, (lm) 
Color temperature, (N)   3200 lm   4200 lm
General information
Number of LEDs, pcs 30 pcs  38 pcs 
Power, W 30 W 38 W 
Dimensions of a luminaire, (Lxd) mm 900x54 mm 1200x54 mm 
Dimensions of a package, (LxWxH) mm 920x70x70 mm  1220x70x70 mm
Weight, kg 1,3 kg 2,3 kg 
Voltage, V/ Frequency, Hz 175-264 V/50 Hz 
Light distribution classification  P (direct light)
Light distribution curve  Cosine
CRI  >80
Percent flicker,%  1%
Power factor  0,98
Electric safety classification  I
IP rating  65
Climatic modification  NF 4 (moderate and cold climate; indoor, with heating and AC systems)
Temperature range, °C -20 ÷ +50˚C
Lifetime, hours  50 000 hours
Warranty period, years  5 years

Standard modification: housing Color – white, diffuser – textured, CCT – N.

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