KEDR (UCO) are the most advanced bracket-mounted LED luminaires. KEDR series luminaires are characterised with the slimest housings within the professional lighting class, the housing is only 7 mm thick. «FINFREE» innovative heat dissipation technology is implemented for the luminaires by installing inside them of the heaters of specifically developed composition of heat-conductive materials. There has been no similar technology so far. KEDR (UCO) luminaires are designed to be mounted onto standard street lighting poles of the diameter up to 48 mm; they can also be bracket-mounted onto walls subject to tilt angle adjustment. KEDR luminaries can be provided with additional optics to create the required illumination. Upon the request of a customer KEDR luminaires can be completed with LEDs of neutral white (4000 K) or warm white (3000 K) luminescence. The luminaires housings are coated with powder paint, structure elements are made of stainless steel; the luminaires are weather-resistant. The luminaires are thoughtfully designed to allow for PSU replacement without the luminaire itself being dismounted.



  • High efficacy, over 125 lm/W;
  • Energy consumption in more than 3,5 less than that of luminaires with 125-400 W mercury-vapour lamps;
  • Slim housing, only 7 mm thick;
  • Innovative heat dissipation technology;
  • Additional optics for wide, deep, narrow lighting distribution;
  • PSU replacement without dismounting the luminaire;
  • Light weight of the light installation;
  • Instant start in low temperatures;
  • In basic modification lens is made of a durable transparent polycarbonate of 2 mm thickness;
  • The luminaire is provided for tilt angle discrete adjustment;
  • Luminaires can be bracket-mounted onto walls subject to tilt angle adjustment;
  • No specific requirements for maintenance;
  • No specific requirements for disposal;
  • IP 67;
  • Lifetime over 50 000 hours.




  • Federal highways, highways of regional significance, vicinal roads;
  • Urban streets;
  • Interdistrict highways;
  • Pedestrian paths;
  • Parks and public gardens;
  • Parking lots;
  • Petrol stations;
  • Industrial sites;
  • Railway platforms;
  • Warehouse terminals.







Modification with cosine light distribution curve 50 W 75 W 95 W  140 W 180 W
Product code LE-UCO-32-050-1060-67C LE-UCO-32-075-1061-67C LE-UCO-32-095-1062-67C LE-UCO-32-140-1063-67C LE-UCO-32-180-1064-67C
Luminous flux, (lm) Color temperature, (C)  6600 lm  10100 lm  13250 lm 18460 lm  24850 lm
Power, (W) 50 W 75 W 95 W 143 W 180 W
Modification with a wide light distribution curve   75 W 100 W  150 W 200 W
Product code   LE-UCO-32-075-1066-67C LE-UCO-32-100-1059-67C LE-UCO-32-150-1067-67C LE-UCO-32-200-1047-67C 
Luminous flux, (lm) Color temperature, (C)    10000 lm  12150 lm 18800 lm  25700 lm
Power, (W) 50 W 75 W 100 W 150 W 200 W
General information
Number of LEDs without optics, pcs 77 pcs  119 pcs  154 pcs  224 pcs  294 pcs 
Number of LEDs with optics, pcs 0 36 pcs 48 pcs 72 pcs 96 pcs 
Dimensions of a luminaire, (LxWxH) mm  400х235х86 mm 481х235х86 mm 481х262х86 mm 580х263х86 mm  611х346х86 mm 
Dimensions of a package, (LxWxH) mm  490х300х100 mm 490х300х100 mm 490х300х100 mm 615х300х100 mm  635х420х100 mm 
Weight, kg   2,8 kg 3,6 kg  3,7 kg  4,7 kg   5,4 kg
Light distribution classification  P (direct light)
Mounting holes, mm  48 mm
Voltage, V/ Frequency, Hz 175-264 V/50 Hz 
Light distribution classification  P (direct light)
Light distribution curve  Cosine
CRI  >75
Percent flicker,%  1%
Power factor  0,98
Electric safety classification  I
IP rating  67
Climatic modification  NF 1
Temperature range, °C -60 ÷ +50˚C
Lifetime, hours  50 000 hours
Warranty period, years  3 years

Standard modification: housing colour – dark grey, cosine lighting distribution, clear diffuser, colour temperature – C.

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