STROKE OPTIC series of LED luminaires are designed for surface mounting.

Luminaire casing is produced using the light-stabilized polycarbonate coextrusion method. The method allows seamless connection of the diffuser with the luminaire casing. Construction elements are made of stainless steel, which provides for corrosion resistance.

The series boasts high-quality secondary optics, allowing creating an appropriate light environment.

The luminaires are equipped with secure tilt-adjustable wall brackets.

There are also optional telescopic wall brackets.

The luminaires are issued in intermediate modification; power block should be purchased separately according to the total power capacity of the whole line.

STROKE luminaires have a high level of protection from the environment influences : IP67.


  • High efficacy, over 100 lm/W;
  • Nichia LEDs (Japan);
  • High-quality secondary optics LEDIL;
  • Robust housing made of light-stabilized polycarbonate;
  • Optimum solution for facade illumination of buildings and structures;
  • Instant start in low temperatures;
  • Simple installation, light weight of fixtures;
  • It is possible to install the luminaire on a wall with the help of bracket with adjustable angle of inclination;
  • Does not require special maintenance and disposal;
  • Degree of protection IP 67;
  • Working life more than 50 000 hours.


  • Facades of buildings;
  • Monuments;
  • Advertising constructions;
  • Auxiliary rooms;
  • Diagnostic pits;
  • Industrial premises.


Modification with a secondary optics, LDC SPOT 26° 18 W 15 W 12 W 9 W 6 W 3 W
Product code LE-UWO-44-018-1916 -67C LE-UWO-44-015-1912 -67C LE-UWO-44-012-1908 -67C LE-UWO-44-009-1865 -67C LE-UWO-44-006-1861 -67C LE-UWO-44-003-1857 -67C
LE-UWO-44-018-1917 -67W LE-UWO-44-015-1913 -67W LE-UWO-44-012-1909 -67W LE-UWO-44-009-1866 -67W LE-UWO-44-006-1862 -67W LE-UWO-44-003-1858 -67W
Luminous flux, (lm) Color temperature, (C) 1800 lm 1500 lm  1200 lm 900 lm 600 lm 300 lm 
Color temperature, (W) 1750 lm 1450 lm  1150 lm 850 lm 550 lm 250 lm 
Modification with a secondary optics, LDC DEEP 42+19° 18 W 15 W 12 W 9 W 6 W 3 W
Product code LE-UWO-44-018-1918-67C LE-UWO-44-015-1914-67C LE-UWO-44-012-1910-67C LE-UWO-44-009-1867-67C LE-UWO-44-006-1863-67C LE-UWO-44-003-1859-67C
LE-UWO-44-018-1919-67W LE-UWO-44-015-1915-67W LE-UWO-44-012-1911-67W LE-UWO-44-009-1868-67W LE-UWO-44-006-1864-67W LE-UWO-44-003-1860-67W
Luminous flux, (lm) Color temperature, (C) 1800 lm  1500 lm  1200 lm 900 lm 600 lm 300 lm 
Color temperature, (W) 1750 lm  1450 lm  1150 lm 850 lm 550 lm 250 lm 
General information    
Power, W  18 W 15 W 12 W 9 W  6 W 3 W
Number of LEDs with optics, pcs  72 pcs 60 pcs 48 pcs 36 pcs 24 pcs 12 pcs
Dimensions of luminaire (UCO), (LxWxH) mm 1800х40х90 mm 1505х40х90 mm 1210х40х90 mm 915х40х90 mm 620х40х90 mm 325х40х90 mm
Dimensions of package, (LxWxH) mm 1850х50х100 mm  1515х50х100 mm 1250х50х100 mm 950х50х100 mm 650х50х100 mm 350х50х100 mm 
Weight, kg 1,16 kg 0,9 kg 0,75 kg 0,6 kg 0,4 kg 0,3 kg 
Gross weight, kg 1,46 kg 1,2 kg 0,95 kg 0,85 kg 0,6 kg 0,45 kg 
Voltage, V/ Frequency, Hz 175-264 V/50 Hz
Light distribution classification P (direct light)
Light distribution curve  Cosine
CRI  >70
Percent flicker,%  1%
Power factor  0,98
Electric safety classification  I
IP rating  67
Climatic modification  NF 1
Temperature range, °C  -60°  +50˚C
Lifetime, hours  50 000 hours
Warranty period, years  3 years

Standard modification: gray casing, LDC – SPOT 26°, cold LED color.

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